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Be the Change to Enhance the Services within Shreeji Group.

Human Capital has been at the heart of the impressive development experienced within the Shreeji Group since its establishment. As the Group’s positions itself to achieve further growth, it is gearing itself to be an Employer of Choice by providing equal employment and development opportunities to people of all backgrounds.

In this context, we seek to create a workplace where: 

  • Learning is at the centre of employee development. Employees can grow and achieve their career aspirations through on-the-job training, mentoring / coaching, project work, self-directed learning, continuous learning seminars, pursuit of academic degrees, and professional accreditation and job rotation 

  • Innovation is encouraged and employees feel challenged to get out of their comfort zone 

  • Thinking out of the box and analytical thinking are encouraged 

  • People do not hesitate to share their knowledge and expertise 

  • Our key values include Commitment to Service Excellence; Ethics; Integrity; Fairness; Performance driven; Recognition and Team Spirit

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Why Join Us?


Shreeji group of Companies has an innovating culture of enterprise and a forerunner in the way it deals with its employees with specific structures being set up for their professional and personal development.


For the Shreeji group of Companies, commitment is not an empty word. Through its history, it has shown its perseverance through professional work, quality, its employees, partners as well as the community at large. The Group is accountable for its actions.


The Group is firmly well-established.


Shreeji Group is a modern open-minded group, but has never denied its history: it is its own way of not losing the basic principles that have made the group successful throughout the years.


The Shreeji Group of Companies does not compromise on quality.


The mix of generations including founders of the group and young professionals is a good way for all to learn from one another and gives a remarkable atmosphere at work.


The Shreeji Group aims at boosting young employees and open up their minds through formulated responsibilities to reach personal development.


Each employee, at any level of the company, can bring its contribution to the development of its company through participating management.


Passion is contagious!

Contact Us

Shreeji Group, Third Floor, KB Emporium, Avenue de Diolinda, Providence Industrial Estate, Mahé, Seychelles

+248 4 374 288

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